Shardax is a registered UK company with multiple large scale projects planned featuring Shard. Such as the Shardax Exchange platform, Universal Infinity Wallet and the yet to be revealed Quantum Project.

Shardax uses 20% of profit for liquidity, buying and burning Shard, while also giving Shard holders added benefits when using Shard on these platforms.

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Shardax Exchange

Shardax Exchange

The Shardax exchange is a blockchain ecosystem that combines the power of multiple platforms in 1 and is comprised of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Instant Trading Platform, Staking Platform and finally Portfolio management Platform.

Advanced Trading Platform

The Shardax advanced trading interface has been designed specifically to make it easier for all users to trade between digital assets. With our advanced view you will be able to easily trade your digital assets at the best prices, via a Limit, Market or Stop-Limit order.

Instant Trading Platform

The Shardax Instant Trading Platform will allow users to trade between any cryptocurrency on the exchange without needing to do multiple trades to get the coin they want.

Staking Platform

On the Shardax staking platform users will be able to deposit their favourite staking coins and receive rewards automatically, while being able to instantly exchange without delay.

Portfolio Platform

The Shardax Portfolio Platform will allow users to track their portfolio value of multiple coins and view other useful information such as earnings, portfolio diversification and much more.
Shardax Exchange

Multi international platforms

Shardax platforms are accessible by all kinds of users, allowing anyone to benefit from using these feature rich platforms throughout the world. Shardax platforms are UK based platforms however users should confirm that use of these platforms is allowed under their local regulations.

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Shardax Exchange Comparison

Features ShardaxShardax BinanceBinance KucoinKucoin OkexOkex CryptopiaCryptopia
Platforms/Products Exchange, Universal Wallet Exchange, ERC20 Wallet Exchange Exchange Exchange
Trading fee 0.1% and 0.05% if in Shard 0.1% and 0.075% if in BNB 0.1% 0.1% 0.2%
Referral commision 50% 20% 20%
Free deposits Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick
Advanced trading Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick Orange Tick
Instant trading Green Tick
Staking Green Tick
Internal transfer Green Tick Green Tick
Portfolio monitoring Green Tick
Small coin conversion Green Tick Green Tick
Gas distribution Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick
Coins stats & info Green Tick Green Tick Orange Tick
Live support Green Tick Orange Tick Green Tick Green Tick
Debit card Green Tick
Green Tick

Includes feature

Orange Tick

Partial feature

Advanced Digital Asset Exchange and Staking Platform

Universal Infinity Wallet

The Infinity Wallet is a universal crypto wallet for mobile and desktop where only the user has full control of their digital assets and keys. It will allow users to hold and trade their coins all within one safe and secure wallet, without needing to keep track of multiple wallets or private keys.

All you Digital Assets in one wallet

All your Digital Assets in one wallet

With the Infinity Wallet you will no longer need to use multiple wallets, you will be able to hold all your digital assets within one secure wallet.
Fully decentralized only you own your keys

Decentralized only you own your keys

Using the Infinity Wallet, you are the only one with access to your digital assets and their private keys.
Exchange Instantly within your wallet

Exchange Instantly from your wallet

Exchange instantly from your wallet and automatically receive your exchanged coins back to your wallet. Allowing you to hold your own funds before and after making a trade.
Next Generation Security & Recovery

Next Generation Security & Recovery

A 256-bit seed and 24-word mnemonic provides the highest encryption for all of the private keys on your wallet and a simple and quick recovery. All your assets are secure and accessible with your seed and only by you.

Atomic Swap Exchange

Trading using the atomic swap feature will allow users to trade between one another directly from their secure wallets, without having to trust a third party.
Monitor your Portfolio

Monitor your Portfolio

Monitor your portfolio at a click of a button. Keep track of the value of your portfolio and other useful information such as earnings and investments.
Infinity Wallet Coming Soon

Most Versatile Universal Crypto Wallet

Benefits for Shard Holders

Shardax platforms offer Shard holders multiple benefits of which some have been listed below, with more planned in the near future.

Shardax Profit

Shardax Profit

Shardax uses 20% of profit for liquidity, buying and burning Shard.
Discounted Fees

Discounted Fees

Receive discount when paying fees in Shard. This may depend on how much Shard you are holding.
Main Trading Pair

Main Trading Pair

Shard will have its own main trading pair, allowing Shard holders to trade directly between any coin on Shardax.
Coin Voting

Coin Voting

Use Shard to Vote in coin listing battles to help get your favourite coins listed on the platforms.
Dust to Shard

Dust to Shard

Users will be able to instantly convert small remaining amounts of coins (Dust) into Shard.
Pay Using Shard

Pay Using Shard

Users will be able to use Shard to pay for coin listings and other services.

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