Shard Branding

A collection of logos, images and meaning of Shard

Shard Meaning

The Shard logo is a visual representation of what Shard stands for and its vision.

The meaning of the Shard logo represents an ecosystem of scalable and interoperable blockchain, protocols and platforms, all working together as one Shard. Building a better future for everyone globally, one day at a time.

Community Logo Usage

Use the community logos to support Shard, there are a wide range of colors to select from. You can use the community logos as your profile picture on discord, twitter and other social media, spreading the word of Shard and showing your support.

Download Community Logo Kit
Shard Accepted & Donations Usage

If you support Shard you can show users that you accept Shard or that you are accepting donations in Shard, just download the kit and use the media of your choice.

Download Accept & Donate Kit