The Infinity Protocol

A leading open DeFi trading and automated liquidity protocol for all

Open source & non-custodial DeFi Protocol

The Infinity protocol is an innovative set of interoperable protocols providing a range of unique decentralized features. With exchanging, liquidity, investing, lending, earning and much more powering the forefront of decentralized finance.

The protocol empowers the world of decentralized finance with unstoppable liquidity and frictionless solutions, providing infinite possibilities and use cases for thousands of users and hundreds of applications. While governed by Shard & benefiting holders with a wide range of use cases, rewards and burns.

Binance Smart Chain


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Shard Chain

Future Own Chain
Interoperable Protocol

The Infinity Protocol is a decentralized interoperable protocol executed across a wide range of chains, starting with the Binance Smart Chain and coming soon to Ethereum. With many more chains to be deployed on such as Polkadot and the possible future Shard Quantum Blockchain, looking to provide a wide range of unique and innovative advanced interoperable DeFi solutions.

Use Infinity Protocol

The Infinity Protocol will provide the infrastructure for decentralized finance, empowering developers, liquidity providers, financial institutions, exchanges, wallets and traders to participate in an open and accessible financial marketplace.

Infinity Crypto

A unique DeFi exchange with liquidity pools, lending, earning and much more bringing a wide range of innovative features built on top of the Infinity Protocol.

Infinity Wallet

Seamless decentralized non-custodial finance to swap, monitor earnings, provide liquidity and invest easily, on the ultimate all-in-one interoperable Infinity Wallet.

Build with Infinity Protocol

Applications can easily benefit from tapping directly into the global protocol for trading, liquidity & earning, to create new tools and products with infinite possibilities.

Why Infinity Protocol?

The Infinity Protocol is building the core of decentralized finance for digital assets, providing an open, transparent, secure and censorship-resistant protocol for anyone looking to tap into it for global and open liquidity, exchange, investing and lending.

Truly decentralized and anonymous trading

Earn interest from providing decentralized liquidity

Automated and open decentralized liquidity pools

Decentralized AMM, limit orders, index trading & more

New AMM technology with flexible or exact pools

A protocol burning Shard and governed by its holders

Trustless automated protocol to earn yield & stake rewards

Open new possibilities for global applications

Want to integrate Infinity Protocol?

Our documentation has everything you will need to join the Shard & Infinity Protocol ecosystem.

Documentation (Soon)