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Shard is designed to be a secure decentralised cryptocurrency, with fast low-cost transactions. The Shard Community Reserve assists with market liquidity and reducing volatility. Community feedback is important to us and at all times we respect and appreciate their opinions and support. We are looking to revolutionise the cryptocurrency experience allowing users easy access and usability, bringing it to the mainstream for day to day life.

Shard can be used not only as a cryptocurrency, but also as a utility coin in multiple Shardax projects. Such as a Digital Asset Exchange & Staking Platform, Universal Wallet and Quantum Project. In addition to the extra benefits when using Shard on these platforms; Shardax uses 20% of their profits for liquidity, buying and burning Shard. This will decrease the existing supply, while coin holders can continuously stake without excessive inflation.


Cryptocurrency and Utility Coin

Shard gives users the benefit of being both a cryptocurrency and utility coin. Allowing users to transact directly in Shard for day to day use or enjoy its utility in multiple partnered projects such as Shardax.

Calculable % based POS rewards

Shard holders can stake their coins to help secure the network, the more Shard you are staking the higher the block reward received. Holders will be able to stake their coins in their wallets, on Shardax or with our multiple partnered pools.

Fast and scalable transactions

As Shard uses proof-of-stake consensus it is highly scalable. The target rate of updating the transaction blocks is 120 seconds, which enables transactions to be confirmed 5x faster than Bitcoin.

Secure and confidentialA combination of cryptographic encryption, pseudonyms and advanced proof-of-stake security protocols make Shard ideal for day to day transactions.

TransparencyShard uses an open source distributed ledger that is synchronised across all nodes. Anyone can contribute to code changes and any updates to the blockchain must be adopted by a majority of users to be accepted.

StabilityShard has reduced volatility as it gains liquidity from the Shard Community Reserve, along with its use in multiple partnered projects.


Download the Shard wallet for your operating system and start sending and receiving payments, staking and more today.


Shardax is a registered UK company with multiple large scale projects planned featuring Shard. Such as the Shardax Exchange platform, Universal & Cold Storage Wallet to be developed in 2019 and the yet to be revealed Quantum Project.

Shardax uses 20% of their profit for liquidity, buying and burning Shard, while also giving Shard holders added benefits when using Shard on these platforms.

Shardax Exchange

The Shardax exchange is a blockchain ecosystem that combines the power of multiple platforms in 1 and is comprised of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Instant Trading Platform, Staking Platform and finally Portfolio management Platform.

Advanced Trading Platform

The Shardax advanced trading interface has been designed specifcally to make it easier for all users to trade between digital assets. With our advanced view you will be able to easily trade your digital assets at the best prices, via a Limit, Market or Stop-Limit Order.

Instant Trading Platform

The Shardax Instant Trading Platform will allow users to trade between any cryptocurrency on the exchange without needing to do multiple trades to get the coin they want.

Staking Platform

On the Shardax staking platform users will be able stake their favourite staking coins and receive rewards automatically, while being able to instantly exchange without delay.

Portfolio Platform

The Shardax Portfolio Platform will allow users to track their portfolio value of multiple coins and view other useful information such as earnings, portfolio diversification and much more.

Advanced Digital Asset Exchange and Staking Platform

Shardax Universal Wallet

The Shardax universal wallet will be a mobile and desktop wallet where only the user has full control of their keys and assets. It will allow users to hold and trade their coins all within one safe and secure wallet. This means there will be no need to keep track of multiple wallets or private keys anymore.

Features of Shardax Universal Wallet

  • One Wallet 100's of Assets

    With the Shardax Universal Wallet you will no longer need to use multiple wallets, you will be able to hold all your digital assets on one secure wallet.

  • Only you have access

    Using the Shardax Universal Wallet, you are the only one with access to your digital assets and their private keys.

  • Exchange within your wallet

    The Shardax universal wallet will allow you to directly trade with the Shardax Exchange and automatically receive your exchanged coins back in your wallet. Allowing you to hold your own funds before and after making a trade. We are also looking to partner with other exchanges to make sure you always get the best price possible.

  • Atomic Swap

    The Shardax universal wallet will give users the option to trade using an atomic swap feature. This will allow users to trade between one another directly from their secure wallets, without having to trust a third party.

Shardax benefits for Shard holders

Shardax offers Shard holders multiple benefits of which some have been listed below, with more planned in the near future.

Discounted FeesReceive discount when paying fees in Shard. This may depend on how much Shard you are holding.

Main Trading PairShard will have its own main trading pair, allowing Shard holders to trade directly between any coin on Shardax.

Pay Listings & Services in ShardUsers will be able to use Shard to pay for coin listings and other services.

Coin VotingUse Shard to Vote in coin listing battles to help get your favourite coins listed on the platforms.

Shardax ProfitShardax uses 20% of its profit for liquidity, buying and burning Shard.

Dust to ShardUsers will be able to instantly convert small remaining amounts of coins (Dust) into Shard.


Circulating Supply




Symbol SHARD
Block Time 120 Seconds
Total Supply 23,275,177
Current Block 241,157
Current ROI 50%
SCR Burned 1,010,000 SHARD
BTC Price


USD Price

$ 0.02225156

EUR Price

€ 0.01998433

24h Change


Market cap

$ 319,304.60


$ 0.37


While the scope of the Shard project is broad and to complete our vision may take several years, we have an experienced and enthusiastic team and community who are dedicated and ready to make this vision a reality. The Shard team brings together a unique collection of experts within cryptocurrency and technology with out of the box thinking to resolve situations and overcome obstacles.













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