Shard is designed to be a secure decentralised cryptocurrency, with fast low-cost transactions, increased liquidity and reduced volatility; through support of the Shard Community Reserve (SCR).

The reserve is a collection of cryptocurrencies, tokens and other crypto assets selected by our community driven team. As the community reserves grow Shard will have both increased liquidity and reduced volatility.

The Shard blockchain is based on the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus, giving holders the opportunity to stake their coins. This is a more energy efficient approach to validation of the transactions in the blockchain as opposed to proof-of-work. Staking does not require coins to be locked up in any way, and is fully automated while running the Shard wallet. Rewards are split 80-20 between the user and the Shard Community Reserve respectively. This will bolster the community reserves helping to tame market volatility. Users who do not wish to leave their wallet staking, but would still like to benefit from the staking rewards will have the option to deposit their Shard with the online staking platform to be staked for you.

Shard Community RESERVE (SCR)

This is a multi-cryptocurrency reserve with the core purpose to provide market liquidity and reduced volatility of the Shard coin. The community reserve pools the knowledge of experienced business analysts, blockchain experts and experienced traders. The reserves will be grown both through market making of Shard and diligent diversification between other propitious cryptocurrencies.

Where the Reserves Come From

The Shard Community Reserves will initially be raised from 70% of the contributions from the Shard sale. Thereby giving direct reserves of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin from the outset.

Continuing contributions to the SCR will be made through the Shard PoS block reward split. 80% is rewarded directly to the staker, the other 20% is assigned to the SCR for the benefit of all Shard holders.

Additionally we have planned multiple future projects directly related to Shard, and 20% of the profits generated by these projects will be contributed to the SCR.

The Three Key Functions Of The SCR:

  • To grow the cryptocurrency reserves; through diversification between undervalued established cryptocurrencies aswell as promising new coin launches.
  • To provide Shard with additional market liquidity. This makes it more resilient to volatility pressures than other altcoins.
  • To counteract inflation by burning excess Shard held in the community reserves. This reduces the total circulating supply of Shard and enables continued staking.

Shard Projects

We have multiple projects planned over the next several years. These projects will be contributing 20% of the funds generated to the Shard Community Reserve. Below you will find 4 of our main projects planned for 2018 and 2019.



Shardax combines the advantages of top-tier crypto exchanges, with the ability to also earn from your proof-of-stake coin rewards. It is a secure and easy to use platform to both trade and stake your coins, so that you don't miss out on any trading opportunities Visit Now

Portfolio website

This website will allow users to keep track of all their crypto assets and lots more. It will list all coins data, graphs and prices. It will allow users to set what coins they want to add to their watchlist and also if they want to receive email notification when the price goes above or below their set price. Coming soon

Staking pool

The staking pool will allow users to stake their coins on a secure platform. This will allow users to stake 24/7 without needing to pay electricty bills, equipment and more. Instead of having a separate website for staking your coins we will be integrating the staking pool within the exchange. Visit Now

Quantum Project

Details on the quantum project have currently not been released. Development will start within 2019 and more details will be released at the end of 2018. We can however let you know that it will be something totally new to the crypto world at this time. Coming soon





Coin Name Coin Tag Type Algorithm Soft Cap Block Time
SHARD SHARD PoW/PoS Scrypt 700 000 000 120 secs


Block ROI %
1 - 4,000 50%
4,001 - 20,000 600%
20,001 - 40,000 550%
40,001 - 50,000 500%
50,001 - 60,000 450%
60,001 - 70,000 400%
70,001 - 80,000 350%
80,001 - 90,000 300%
90,001 - 100,000 250%
100,001 - 110,000 200%
110,001 - 120,000 150%
120,001 - 130,000 100%
130,001 - 140,000 75%
140,001 + 50%


Proof of Stake (PoS) is an algorithm that helps the blockchain to secure every transaction. Transactions are bundled in one “block” and several blocks together are called the blockchain. In order for the blockchain to be reliable there needs to be consensus about the transactions. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies the creator of the next block is chosen randomly, with consideration to their weighting. Your weight is determined by the amount of coins in your wallet and the time they have been waiting to stake. This means that when you hold mature coins and your wallet is unlocked, you have the chance to be selected as the creator of a block. Once that happens you get a reward for helping to secure the blockchain. For Shard, the reward is annual percentage return based on the duration you have been waiting to stake.

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